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How Much Is That Chair in the Window?

November 25, 2020

Ahhh! The holiday season…
Stylists are booked weeks in advance, salons are stocking up on promotions, giftables, certificates and doing everything they can to maximize and make up revenue.

I love this time of year! Walking by neighborhood shops and department store windows, it’s clear that every retailer is putting their best foot forward to entice consumers and outshine their competitors. This is why I’m always surprised when I walk by a salon window and see the backs of chairs, a plant or a coffee stand. “Where is the product?” I think to myself. “They sure must sell a lot of chairs and coffee in that salon! I mean, they’re promoting them in the window!”

Being holiday-ready means analyzing every angle, from the outside window, to the reception, to the wash area to your retail shelves. Viewing and experiencing the salon as a guest is essential. Your guests see everything: the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty.

So what do you see? What are you facing? Is it driving your business? If not, why is it there?

By all means offer guests a beverage and a comfortable chair, but make sure that your window and your focal points are promoting your products, your services and your expertise!

This season, take a look at your salon with fresh eyes and ask yourself:

  • Are we promoting our expertise?
  • Are we transmitting a clear brand message?
  • Are we inspiring and enticing our guests this holiday season?
  • Are we ready?

Make sure that your guests see what you want them to see. Trust me, a holiday promotion featured in the window will sell a lot quicker than a chair!

Originally published November 22, 2016

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