Team Spirit

4 Ways to Motivate Your Entire Team

December 4, 2018

When the holiday whirlwind hits, it’s easy for salon staff to get overwhelmed. With jam-packed schedules and little time for breaks, it’s important to make sure your team is well taken care of. These simple motivators will boost morale and help the salon function like a well-oiled machine throughout the busiest time of year.

Break-Room Essentials

Create a mini oasis in the break-room where staff can take a few minutes to refuel. Light a calming candle, stock up on treats, and build a basket of essentials including shoe inserts, moisturizer, Advil, etc.

Food for Thought

No one wants to deal with (or be) a hangry co-worker! Set up a grab-n-go station with fruit, protein bars, nuts, and a bit of junk food for good measure. When breaks are few and far between, having snacks close by will set your stylists’ minds at ease and add some calm to the chaos.

Short & Sweet Incentives

Keep your team excited throughout the season with fun incentives. If you’re implementing a “12 days of giveaways” contest for clients, do the same for your staff. For example, if the customer giveaway is a Luminous Hairspray, reward the team member who sells the most hairsprays that day with a cash prize. Linking your client and staff incentives will create consistency and have everyone working towards a common goal.

Give Back

The holidays are all about giving, so take this opportunity to organize a bonding experience for your staff. Whether it’s a salon toy-drive or volunteering at a local charity, doing something nice for your community will bring the team closer together and boost everyone’s spirits.

For independent stylists and large teams alike, these customizable ideas will help you and your co-workers thrive during the holiday rush!

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