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September 4, 2018

With fall almost upon us, I can’t help but get about excited about cooler temperatures and sweater weather! Soon, the smell of Pumpkin Spice Lattes will fill the air and remind us that the holidays are near. The festive season may be the last thing on your mind, but if you’re planning to capitalize on this time of year, make your list and check it twice! Before the holiday hustle begins, implement these ideas for a prosperous season.

Holiday Inventory

Budget and plan your inventory for the high volume season! If you can’t fulfill your customer’s needs, they will buy their products elsewhere. Reviewing last year’s sales will give you valuable insight into planning accordingly to satisfy demand.

Also, make sure to always have a minimum of 3 units left on the shelf when you place your orders. Empty shelves are not only lost revenue, but can potentially impact your business long-term.

‘Tis The Season to Be Selling

In today’s market, every retailer is working overtime to get his or her piece of the pie. Make sure that you’re promoting all your offerings and creating a cohesive marketing plan including your website, social media and in-salon call-outs.

Offer unique services and retail incentives that will entice customers and maintain an edge over the competition. Evaluate your previous holiday campaigns and replicate the strategies that were successful, while adjusting those that weren’t. Remember that today’s consumers have high expectations!

Grab and Go Gift Cards

Gift card sales are a must for the holiday season. They can significantly increase your revenue, drive repeat business, and build brand awareness.

Get Creative

Implement a “Give a Gift, Get a Gift” purchasing incentive. For instance, reward the purchaser with their own bonus card that they can use on their next visit. Offering a tiered incentive is a great strategy to encourage buyers to spend more.

Merry Merchandising

Prepare to deck the halls for the holiday season by utilizing every square foot of your salon to entice consumers and drive revenue! Make your products and promotions the star by keeping holiday decor tasteful and minimal.

Now, step outside…are your salon windows attracting passers-by and converting browsers into buyers? This is one of the most valuable advertising spaces and is a great tool to intrigue pedestrians.

As summer is winding down, take advantage of this perfect time to plan for a profitable holiday season ahead!

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