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Holiday Merchandising Inspirations

October 30, 2018

Retailing is not simply about placing products on shelves but more about inspiring interest, offering the right product at the right time! The holiday season is the perfect time of year to drive your retail dollars as well as introduce products to potential clients.

This season, take the time to plan out your retail area and pull your giftables and seasonal products off the shelves and onto a feature table and your window!


React quickly to sell through!

Products are flying off your tabletop? If you’ve sold through your Holiday Tins, have a plan B ready, perhaps create a table with your Moroccanoil top selling products that you pull from your current inventory.

Try regrouping your customers’ favorites. When in doubt, create a story around your choices. In the image below, we went with items that would help fashion the perfect holiday party look.

Everything You Will Need From A to Z

Apothecary Jars
The apothecary jars from the picture above were purchased from the Vase Market. That said, there are many other retailers that offer similar jars such as Michaels, Target and Amazon.

Choose ornaments that are different sizes to add interest to your presentation. Create a color scheme to compliment the product rather than distract from it.

Since your space is probably limited, choose a table that feels airy and complements your existing decor, like this Ikea table. This way you can use it year round!


Cover All Your Angles

Approach your feature table from all sides. If your table isn’t against a wall, make sure you’re considering the back as much as the front. Keeping all of your product together will give a stronger visual impact.

In this example, we made sure to flip half of our tins to face opposite direction, and we double-exposed the smaller tins on both sides to balance the weight and interest points. This seems obvious but your table will be a focal point from different areas within the salon.

Bonus Tips

Follow these three additional tips to be on top of your holiday merchandising this year:

  • For a tabletop presentation, 6 SKUs should be your norm, make sure that you plan your weekly orders accordingly. Less than 6 will look sparse and less appealing.
  • Always plan at least a week in advance to avoid running out of product and sending your prospective business to big box retailers or online vendors.
  • Change up your tables and windows every 4 to 5 weeks, your regular clients and potential future customer base should experience something new and exciting regularly!

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