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Take Advantage of the Holiday Madness

October 21, 2020

Holiday madness is just around the corner! Ideally, you’re already thinking about stocking up on great giftables for your customers, merchandising your feature tables, and decking out your window to draw in customers. But is that enough?

As an industry, we are in direct competition with big box retailers and online vendors. Thankfully, stylists have so much more to offer! Are you promoting your strengths?

Since the millennial generation has become the largest segment in terms of buying power, it’s more important than ever to engage consumers. If you’re not doing it, rest assured your competitors are! Millennials, as well as other generations, seek a true experience when they shop for products and services.

Promoting and marketing your retail and service offerings takes planning.

This should normally be done months ahead of time, but it’s never too late—a quick Instagram post or email blast can make a world of difference.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining your marketing strategies:

Who are you targeting?
Who are you trying to reach? Always utilize the best platform for your intended target demographic.

What are you promoting?
Include imagery. Ask your distributors or manufacturers for professional images.

What is the goal?
The more specific, the better. A clear goal makes it easier to measure what worked and what didn’t. Example: number of promos/services/products/add-ons you want to sell per week.

What is the motivation?
Why would your intended audience be interested? What’s in it for them? Is it inspiring enough for them to make the time or effort?

What is the time frame?
What is the window of opportunity for the desired action (purchase, booking, GWP, etc.)?

What is the potential revenue it will generate?
Profitability and return on investment should always factor in before you create a promotion. This can be short-term or long-term revenue, such as attaining new clients or repeat product purchases.

What is required from your co-workers or team?
When promoting anything, it’s essential that the entire team is on board and driving the same message. This can be achieved through staff incentives, education, and setting protocols.

Originally published November 6, 2018

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