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Are You Inspiring Your Clients?

November 7, 2017

With everyone looking to YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest for holiday hair inspiration, you don’t want to get left behind! This is this perfect opportunity to showcase your favorite styles with a holiday look-book.

Holiday Look-book

Your holiday look-book should consist of 4–5 images that will serve as your go-to styles for the season.
Creating a look-book has a few key purposes:

  1. To show current and potential clients that you are holiday-ready
  2. To inspire clients to book an appointment for their holiday parties
  3. To take the guess work out of it—you and your client will be on the same page

Post your look-book on your website and social media channels. Include a call to action, such as: “We’re ready for the holidays. Are you? Book your holiday hair appointment today!”

Don’t forget to advertise in the salon as well. You can print a small brochure for the waiting area, or display them on a TV or iPad. The more exposure, the better!

Party-Ready Event

Once your holiday look-book is in action, why not host an event around it? This will be a welcome change from the usual “customer appreciation” event.

Take advantage of the various services in the salon to create a 360-degree party-ready experience. In addition to styling each client with their chosen look, you can include makeup touch-ups and nail inspiration.

Offer your guests special buys on products used at the event, or a gift with purchase. Remember that the main goal of a salon event is to increase sales!

Will you be trying out a holiday look-book this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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