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December 5, 2017

Any stylist and salon owner will tell you that December is the most exhausting, but profitable month of the year!

Customers that you haven’t seen in months suddenly come out of the woodwork, staying on schedule is nothing short of a holiday miracle, and having a sit-down lunch becomes a distant memory!

We get so caught up in being busy that we forget to simply breathe and be in the moment with our guests. Don’t forget, they are also running the holiday marathon!

The smallest things can make all the difference for the salon team and your clients.

Waiting Area

  • Display a tablet with 4 or 5 holiday looks to inspire clients to switch up their usual blow-out.
  • Set up a selfie station with fun holiday props!
  • Offer holiday cookies at reception.
  • Add marshmallows, cinnamon or peppermint sticks to clients’ favorite warm beverage.


  • Take a minute to refresh your station between clients and preselect which products you will need. This will help you avoid clutter and drive retail sales.
  • Designate a holiday touch up station – perfect for when stylists are running a little late.

Staff Room

  • Keep a variety of healthy, single serving snacks in the break room (like almonds and granola bars) to keep the team energized throughout the day.
  • Create a gift lotto for staff! Post a list of eligible products or gifts in the break room. At the end of each day, draw a team member’s name who gets to pick from the selection of prewrapped gifts.

Making a few of these easy adjustments will keep you, your staff and your clients a little more sane during the holiday season rush!

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