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Holiday Party Looks for Every Client

November 13, 2018

We finally had our first full week of cool weather in NYC. The stores have already begun their competitive marketing to draw in early shoppers. My neighbors have traded their decorative ghosts and pumpkins in exchange for red and green lights! And the final straw, my Starbucks cup resembles wrapping paper! It’s official—the holidays are upon us.

Many of your clients are receiving their first holiday party invites and are starting to think about what to wear, and along with that, their hair and makeup looks. I love going to holiday parties, not only for the festivities, but also for the people watching! I always identify the iconic personality types. The “flirt”, the “wallflower”, the “hipster”, the “sophisticate”.

For me, it’s exciting to watch these women fill a space or simply decorate it. I find most clients will fall into one of these categories; their hairstyle and frocks easily identify them. As you prepare for the busy holiday season, put together a look book featuring various styles that fit with these categories. Feel free to come up with additional categories that best suit your clientele.

The Flirt

She’s my favorite! She knows how to work a room! She isn’t afraid to wear the latest in trends, including hair accessories. I’m dying for brooches! These are the perfect accessory that your clients don’t necessarily need to invest in. Borrow them from grandma’s cache and pin them in the hair for added sparkle.

The Wallflower

The mysterious, shy, beautiful woman with so many secrets and that tight ponytail. Thanks to Ariana Grande for popularizing this style! It’s the perfect sleek look for the holiday season.

The Hipster

Whether she’s a downtown girl or has the “it” girl factor, she is the only one cool enough to pull off the wet look. We’ve seen it on a number of runways and celebrities, like Gigi Hadid and J-Lo.

The Sophisticate

She is formidable. A class act all the way. And her glam waves look perfect with that equally perfect martini in hand. (I secretly want to be her!)

No matter your client’s personality and style, she’s sure to up the people-watching ante with one of these holiday party looks.

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