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It’s Time to Invest in Gifting

July 17, 2018

How do you gift your guests? Do you offer a complimentary glass of wine, bagels and cream cheese, or a hand massage with your services? These perks elevate the client experience, but do they grow your business? Do they create revenue for the salon? It’s time to reevaluate and gift with purpose.

There is a clear distinction between salon expenses and investments. Salon expenses do not generate revenue. They often include beverages, snacks, wireless internet and other expected comforts. On the other hand, salon investments should result in a financial return. For example, if you give Mary a complimentary mask treatment, you anticipate that she will either re-book this service at her next appointment, or buy the retail product to extend the results at home.

What kind of gifting can lead to a return? These three simple ideas will help you develop a strategy to gift with purpose.

Sample Newness

Manufacturers are continually launching exciting new services and products. Use the freebies from your intro package to sample your clients and introduce them to the new product. With your sales representative, develop a sampling strategy that will help drive the new launch. Track each sample that leaves the salon and develop a follow-up plan. A sample without a name is money down the drain!

Seasonal Features

What’s the current trend this season? Are textured braids the “must-have” look for summer? Create a feature table that displays everything your clients need to create this look at home. Offer a “buy 2, get 1 free” with the season’s featured products. You can mix client favorites with a slower moving item to encourage guests to try something new.

Services & Upgrades

When launching a new salon service or upgrade, exposure is the key to success. Hosting a salon event is a great way to introduce guests to new technology and opportunities. Gift all attendees with the new services as a complimentary add-on to their next appointment. Use social media to spread the word and maximize the turnout!

Use product launches, seasonal opportunities, and promotional items to fuel your salon gifting. Investing in thoughtful gifting is a win-win for both you and your clients!

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