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November 14, 2017

There’s no doubt that during the holiday season, we see an increase in gift card sales. We all love to receive gift cards, but they are sometimes perceived as impersonal, less thoughtful, or a last minute purchase.

So how can we inspire our customers, drive gift card sales, boost retail and have a strong finish to the year? Just get a little creative!

Here are a few ideas that can make this holiday season a slam dunk.

Give a Gift, Get a Gift

It’s always nice to receive a little something for ourselves when buying a gift for someone else.

  • Purchase a holiday gift set and receive a complimentary brush or travel item.
  • Purchase a $100 gift card and receive a $10 bonus for you!

Tip: When giving bonus gift cards, set a time frame for when they can be redeemed, such as January. This will help drive business during low season.

Exclusive Packages

Go a step above generic gift cards by creating luxury holiday bundles that include multiple services. This is a personal, yet easy option for your guests looking for the perfect unique gift. Create a menu of three or more exclusive holiday-themed packages. These can be completely hair-focused or include spa services as well.

Product Add-Ons

Another way to add a personal touch is by encouraging guests to include a retail item with their gift card. Recommend a slightly smaller denomination gift card to pair with a retail product or gift set.

Let’s face it—having something to unwrap is half the fun of receiving a gift!

  • $50 gift card with a Holiday Gift Set (Tip: Tape the envelope to the inside of the gift set.)
  • $75 gift card with Moroccanoil Body™ Hand Cream

By taking your giftables to the next level, you’ll encourage more retail and service sales and maximize your holiday business!

How are you elevating your salon gift options this year? Share your ideas below!

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