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Gender-Neutral Pricing: The Next Big Thing?

March 6, 2018

One of the recurring news topics this past year has been gender equality. You may be wondering how this affects salons and stylists. Is it fair for a man and a woman to pay different prices for a simple trim? If we look at the average salon’s service menu and pricing, there is a clear separation between what men and women are charged.

Historically, women have paid a premium for salon services—the beauty industry as a whole has been more heavily marketed to females looking for a luxurious experience. Most players in the salon world are stuck in this way of thinking: women have more hair than men, so they should pay more. But is it really that simple?

In recent years, we’ve seen trends moving towards shorter hair for women and longer hair for men (hello, man bun). Even if this weren’t the case, the topic is still very relevant. We know that our industry has been slow to adapt to many retail and consumer trends. It’s important to remain aware of the constant changes in consumer preferences. How do they impact your business? What action should you take?

Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion about equal pay between genders. Is equal pricing in salons the next step? Of course, there are a variety of aspects involved in charging for a service. We know it’s not as simple as just setting a blanket price for both men and women.

One idea worth considering is having a base price for all clients and then adding to this price depending on different factors. Here are a few factors, other than gender, that can be used in your pricing strategy:

  • Time of service
  • Length of hair
  • Difficulty of technique
  • Stylist experience

Would you implement gender-neutral pricing in your salon? Let us know what you think!

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