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Is Your Front Desk Driving Sales?

July 3, 2018

As we all know, receptionists are the faces and voices of our salon. They are the first and last interaction each guest has with your business. Are they doing enough to drive sales?

Here are a few ways your front desk staff can help increase your salon numbers:

Educate on Products

Invite your front desk staff to attend product knowledge classes. This will ensure they are educated on your product lines and can help recommend products to salon guests. The more knowledge they have, the more they can share with clients.

Be Proactive

Encourage the reception team to pull recommended retail products for each client and have them waiting at checkout. By placing one product on the front desk, there is a 50 percent chance your guest will buy it. Placing 3 products on the front desk increases the chance of a purchase to 90 percent!*

Use Scripts

Introduce scripts or protocols for your front desk to follow when interacting with clients (from booking to checkout). These scripts don’t have to be followed verbatim, but having them will help prepare your staff to handle any situation and boost their confidence. Some ideas to include in the script:

  • Ask about add-on services during booking: “Will you be needing a conditioning treatment with your haircut?” or “Would you like to add-on a brow wax to your visit?”
  • At checkout, remind clients where they can leave a review

Create Incentives

Consider adding packages or memberships to your salon menu. These memberships can be driven by the front desk. By giving your receptionists a small commission in package or product sales, they will take ownership, become more motivated, and increase salon sales.

Remember to always empower your front desk and be sure they are confident in their position.


*Source: Summit Salon Business Center

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