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Find Your WHY As A Team!

January 27, 2021

Last week, we focused on finding your individual WHY by taking the time to reflect on key moments in your life that left an impact.

But, how do you identify your team or business’s WHY? Is it even important?

The WHY behind your business is its foundation! It makes it unique, drives it, and helps to create and build a brand – whether you are a commissioned salon or booth renter. It is also, what connects and bonds a team to each other and to their work.

As Simon Sinek said:

Finding your WHY as a team exercise is hugely beneficial and effective – especially right now!

Whether your salon is open or closed: people need to feel a sense of unity. This activity (done virtually or socially distanced) will bring your team together, help them feel motivated AND help to solidify your brand.

Here are some steps you can take to find your team WHY:

  • Schedule your team for a couple of hours
  • Get your team excited and inspired! Start by clearly identifying the goal and the reason behind the activity
  • Ask each team member to share one story that highlights when they felt most proud to work for the team or the business
  • Listen actively and pull out common themes or words
  • Work together to draft your WHY: a sentence that captures all of the stories and themes
  • The sentence should focus on what your business or team does, and the impact it has or value it brings to someone else’s life


We all hear the words “goals” and “resolutions” often in the month of January. Focusing on your WHY (professionally or personally, as a team or individually) is a different approach; but also one that may have a more meaningful and long-last impact!

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