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What Are You Selling?

April 3, 2018

Spring screams opportunity! Weddings, vacation, prom and spring makeovers mean salons need to take full advantage of these retail and service opportunities.

What are you doing to create an enticing, shoppable environment that draws in customers and inspires them to make spontaneous purchases?

We know that most unplanned purchases made in stores happen simply because the customer was attracted to a feature table, an outpost, an end-cap or a window display.

Here is some inspiration to help you promote your spring offerings and product collections.

Seasonal Feature Table

  • Use blocks to build height. Remember to think “triangle!”
  • Have sufficient inventory to replenish your display after purchases have been made.
  • The eye can only capture one message at a time, so make sure your display is tight and clean.
  • Call attention to the value of your promotions by showcasing the products that are included.
  • Use signage to promote your offerings to clients. Download our printable spring signage for US here and Canada here.
  • Keep additional props and décor to a minimum; the product should be the star!

Extra Tips

  • Outposts are a great option if you don’t have enough space for a large feature. You can create a mini feature on a table or counter close to the reception desk.
  • Don’t hesitate to build your own story using a collection or products that make sense together. For example, create a Protect & Perfect “healthy hair” story by pairing the new Moroccanoil Curling Iron with Perfect Defense and Mending Infusion.

Whether you’re creating a large display or a small outpost, make the most of the new season to excite your existing clients and attract new ones!

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