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Are Salon Events Worthwhile?

May 29, 2018

Think about your last salon event. What was the outcome?

Many salons have become accustomed to hosting their version of a customer appreciation event. While there’s nothing wrong with these events, are they really engaging? More importantly, are they helping to grow your business long-term?

Unfortunately, salon events can often have lukewarm results because certain steps were skipped along the way.

To make your next event worthwhile, keep these three pointers in mind:


What is the purpose of your event? It can be anything from attracting a different customer base to promoting a new service to increasing retail sales. Whatever the reason, keep it top-of-mind throughout the event planning process and be sure to establish measures to meet your goal.

If you want to encourage retail sales, create special promotions around a specific theme, collection, or season.

Always ask yourself: what’s in it for them? What will inspire clients to attend the event?


A few essentials to plan for a successful event are:

  • Host a class to refresh the team on product knowledge or new looks
  • Establish protocols for every stage of the event preparation and execution (see our event planning checklist here)
  • Set clear expectations for attendance, retail sales, and the guest experience
  • Create a staff incentive to motivate your team during the event

Try to get your entire team involved in the planning. The more engaged they are, the more invested they’ll be in the outcome.


Once you’ve ironed out the details, it’s time to promote. Organize a comprehensive campaign using consistent messaging. Be sure to include social media assets, email and print invitations, and signage for the salon.

Don’t forget to set a booking fee to help secure attendance. The best way to drive retail sales is to have guests use the price of their ticket towards product purchases.

You have a captive audience, so use this opportunity to produce a unique experience for your clients while ensuring a worthy investment of your time and resources.

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