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Are You Running on Autopilot?

September 17, 2019

Fall is here and business is picking up! This is the perfect time to look at your business through fresh eyes. Let’s face it, we are all guilty at some point of running on autopilot!

We are all so busy, that more times than not, we are going through the motions of our daily work life. Somewhere between rushing to get to work on time and sneaking a quick bite in the break room between clients, we simply stop “seeing” our business.

Perhaps we are a little less present, less aware of our surroundings, less likely to identify opportunities or issues that are happening all around us.

It happens to everyone, no matter what business you are in. We just become busy being busy…

A great way to snap out of it is to see your business through your clients’ eyes. When was the last time you just stopped and looked at your surroundings? And I mean really absorbed your environment? Regular business “checkups” are the best way to see and experience exactly what your clients see and experience.

Mystery shoppers are a great way to evaluate the guest experience from beginning to end. They can be people you know, or on a larger scale, you can work with a company that specializes in evaluating customer experiences. Here are some areas of your business to evaluate—they may need some extra attention!

  • Overall impression from the outside
  • Appointment process
  • New guest protocols
  • Reception check-in
  • Overall atmosphere
  • Professionalism of the salon team
  • Wash experience
  • Transition to service area
  • Consultation
  • Quality of service and satisfaction
  • Recommendations and product knowledge
  • Check out
  • Asking for reviews
  • Pre-booking

No matter what direction you choose to go, this is a great way to adjust protocols and reboot your business, for independent stylists and salon owners alike.

The best way to really see the reality of your business is to experience it through your guest’s eyes!

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