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3 Ways to Engage Your Team From Afar!

May 13, 2020

It is no secret that incentives are a great way to engage your team! With a plethora of platforms available to make virtual meetings and hangouts easy to facilitate, why wait until you’re back in the salon for some team-building?

Check out these three ways to motivate your team (and have some fun!) from afar.

Style It Up

Host a best-dressed or best-styled hair competition! Let’s face it – most of us may have been reaching for the same sweat-suit on rotation and our hair has seen nothing but a top-knot for a few weeks. You can assign a theme or let your team’s imagination run wild. Something as simple and fun as dressing up can give everyone a good laugh and a boost in morale!

Online Quiz

Set up an online quiz for you and your team. You can create your own or download an app like Kahoot! From hair trivia to product knowledge, a quiz is a simple way to keep your team engaged. Make it a weekly practice and change up the host and brands that you pick! The player with the most correct answers wins either bragging rights or a small prize, such as a gift card to a local business!

Theme of the Week

Pick a theme for your next call! Encourage your team to use props they already have available and enjoy a cocktail and snack that fits the theme! The most creative team member wins! Need some ideas?

Keeping communication open, your team engaged and a smile on faces is more important than ever!
While you may not be able to be with each other in person, virtually is the next best thing.

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