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Your Holiday Strategy Made Easy

November 6, 2019

Attention all salons and stylists! It’s official—as of November 1st, you can kick off the holiday season without scaring away customers. This means that if you have not created your holiday planning calendar, you are already late to the game!

But fear not, we have you covered! You still have time to join the party and take advantage of the season to maximize your service and retail revenue.

Salons who create quarterly plans generate a minimum of 32% more revenue than salons who don’t. It is absolutely worth taking the time to set up a holiday strategy. To avoid feeling overwhelmed at the task at hand, begin by dividing your activities into categories. Each activity will likely trigger another related activity, as they work in tandem to drive your business.

Try breaking down your plan into these four categories:

1. Services

What unique offerings will be available this holiday season for current and new customers?

  • Create a small menu of quick holiday looks: an add-on braid, top knot, glam waves, etc.
  • Promote express mask services with a holiday theme (i.e. Party Prep).
  • Special, holiday-themed manicures/pedicures.

2. Retail

What promotions, giftables and GWPs are you running over the next 2 months?

  • Group your retail products and promotions into themes to display on feature tables or in your windows.
  • Who is it for? Create a theme around a specific demographic or trend.
  • What is the price point? Designate a table or window with gifts under $50 or $100.
  • What is the occasion? Holiday getaway kits or party survival kits.
  • Include a gift-with-purchase for clients who buy gift cards.

3. Online

What content will you be posting across your social and digital channels?

  • Promote your special retail and service offerings on all of your online platforms.
  • Boost engagement with holiday contests on Instagram.
  • Create a holiday e-mail newsletter to send to your clients.

4. Experience

What are you doing to enhance the client experience that differentiates you from competitors?

  • Enhance your services with quick, complimentary add-ons (i.e. Glimmer Shine Spray to finish or a red lip application).
  • Introduce limited time retail items, such as holiday hair accessories.
  • What gifts (if any) are you thanking your loyal clients with?
  • Offer complimentary gift wrapping to make your salon a one-stop holiday shop.

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