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Don’t Buy Into the Hype!

October 7, 2020

As most businesses large and small are working to regain lost revenue, stepping away from the chair to assess every opportunity to drive sales is essential.

Some salons and stylists have all but given up on retail, but what the pandemic has taught us is that consumers:

  1. Are NOT willing to go without
  2. Want to support local businesses

We know that retail is, for most salons and stylists, an untapped source of revenue. Many stylists have a certain level of resistance and misplaced guilt around selling products to their clients.

It’s no secret that the current situation is challenging, but the beauty industry is experiencing a massive boom! More and more customers see products as morale boosters. NOW is the ideal moment to reassess your relationship to retail and how to make it part of your client’s overall guest experience.

The best way to start is simply to look at your retail area with a fresh perspective. You have most likely made some adjustments to the layout of your business post-COVID but:

  • Have you made it shopper friendly?
  • Have you made your retail accessible and enticing?
  • Are you really promoting your retail or is it simply an afterthought?
  • Are you featuring seasonal product bundles?
  • Have you reassessed your focal points?

Take the time to step out of the salon and re-enter it with consumers’ eyes. Invite your co-workers to do the same! Most likely, how you feel about retailing is probably reflected in the level of energy you invested in adapting this segment of your business to the “new normal”.

There are 2 essential ways to promote and drive retail:

But… let’s focus on your physical space.

In the past, salons typically set up their retail near the waiting and reception area. However, with more restrictions being put in place, many businesses have had to reconfigure these areas to limit traffic in their salon.

This often leaves the retail area as an afterthought but, by simply identifying where your clients spend most of their time, you can reassess your space and create new retail focal points such as at your:

Taking the time and making this a priority can help you attract new customers and reestablish yourselves as your local beauty authority.

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