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Do You Know Your Audience?

July 18, 2017
Do You Know Your Audience?

Connecting with current and potential clients is one of the greatest things about social media. For current clients, your social media presence is an extension of the salon they love; for new clients, it might be their first impression of your salon. It’s important to keep this in mind as you create and post content on your social channels.

Do you have an overwhelming demand for balayage? Can’t stop getting requests for the latest summer cut? Do young girls flock to your salon for prom looks? Post it! You know what your clients are looking for and you know what your stylists excel at, so use that to your advantage.

Understanding your social audience is extremely important in order to grow your followers and keep them engaged. By posting looks you have a high demand for, you’re showing clients what you can do while attracting new clients who are looking for that particular style.

As always, you must keep an eye on what your followers are responding to and engaging with, while still including a variety of content. Braided updos may be a hit on Instagram, but you need to switch up your posts to keep your content interesting and appeal to a wider audience.

Do You Know Your Audience?One way to achieve variety is by switching up the location of where your images are taken. Your followers may respond better to a client posing in front of a white wall rather than her sitting in the salon chair. The white wall will allow her hair to really be the star of the show, whereas the salon chair background may be too distracting to really focus on the hair.

Remember to constantly listen to your audience and make adjustments to your content accordingly. It may take a few weeks to find a good rhythm, but once you really know your audience, you will have the key to a successful social media strategy!

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