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January 15, 2019

It’s no secret that the way we shop has evolved tremendously in the past 10 years. Technology continues to impact how and when we make purchases. Contrary to what you may think, technology’s presence in retail doesn’t mean that brick and mortar stores will become obsolete. However, it does mean that physical retail environments must adapt to the needs and wants of today’s consumers.

Through their research, the Retail Industry Leaders Association identified 10 specific shopping styles exhibited by Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Salons and stylists are in a prime position to cater to many of these shopping styles, especially the following three:

These shopping preferences are all experience-focused. What can you do the create the type of experiences your clients are looking for?

Hosting a DIY Event will satisfy all three shopping styles simultaneously. As Valentine’s Day approaches, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your clients a new date-night style or host a “Girls’ Night In” at the salon.

Learn & Do

Choose one or two contemporary, yet simple styles for clients to learn at the event. Teach the step-by-step look to the group, then pair each guest with a stylist to practice and receive personalized product recommendations.


When advertising the event, encourage clients to invite their friends. Sell a set amount of tickets to create a fun group environment (about 10-15 clients). Add to the social atmosphere with curated music, snacks and beverages.

‘Gram Worthy

Setting up a photo-op is essential. Designate a space in the salon to take pictures of clients showing off their new look. Making a small investment in a ring light and some props will be worth your while! Clients will post to their Instagram pages and stories, which is great promotion for your business.

Embracing current retail trends and client preferences will enable you to create innovative salon experiences, resulting in increased client loyalty and stronger retail sales.

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