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Do You Have the Answers?

September 5, 2017

A thorough and in-depth consultation is key to a successful service! Open-ended questions that create discussion work best. Here are five of my favorites:

Almost everyone would change something about their hair if they could. Whether the concern is frizz, volume or lack of shine, establishing the client’s challenges allows you to make product and service suggestions that offer solutions.

Often clients bring inspiration pictures of styles they like, but may not have considered the time required to recreate that look. A key element to consulting is explaining the technique and necessary products. However, just because your client can’t devote 45 minutes every morning  doesn’t mean the look is unobtainable. Share options for both busy mornings and date nights.

Is your client ready to come in every four weeks in order to maintain a gorgeous red shade on a short crop? Before you proceed with creating a high-maintenance look, make sure your client is on board with the commitment required.

Has your client ever left the salon on the verge of tears? We’ve all been there! Learn from the mistakes of others—and listen close. Your client may be opposed to layers because of a prior experience, but the real issue is that the cut was not appropriate for her face shape. Explain why your ideas and techniques will work before moving forward.

One of the top reasons a client will leave their stylist is a lack of change. Whether it’s been one year or ten, make sure your client knows you are always ready to reinvent their style. If you ask and are prepared with suggestions, you may discover that they’re ready for something new!

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