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Are You Too Busy Being Busy?

January 22, 2019

If you’re like me, you’ve already broken your New Year’s Resolutions multiple times! The goals we set for ourselves have the best intentions, but circumstances, life’s hiccups, and sometimes our lack of will power, can sabotage them.

Recently, some of us at Moroccanoil read The Power of Moments as part of a team book club. This easy read was chock full of inspiration. It challenged us to examine how we approach everyday life and our interactions with one another. During the book club meeting, we were asked to share what spoke to us the most and how we could implement it in our professional lives.

One section of the book explored a specific strategy called “connecting to meaning”. Having been in this industry for many years, I can honestly say that a lot of us suffer from what I like to call the “Busy Being Busy Syndrome”!

You may recognize some of the symptoms of this syndrome:

These symptoms serve as daily distractions that cause us to lose touch with the “WHY” behind what we do.

For salon owners, stylists, and other industry professionals, we often find ourselves so wrapped up in being busy, that we don’t take the opportunity to “connect to meaning”. In other words, we forget to take a step back and remember the true purpose behind what we’re doing.

A great exercise to try by yourself or with your team is to keep asking “Why” until you determine the meaning behind your task.

Take a salon receptionist for example:

  • Why do you offer clients a beverage? “Because it’s part of my job.”
  • Why? “Because it’s part of the customer experience.”
  • Why? “Because it helps create a pleasant environment for our guests.”
  • Why does that matter? “Because happy guests become loyal customers.”

This exercise can lead to a variety of answers, but the main objective is to recognize the beneficiary of your work (i.e. the salon guests) and how you’re contributing to them.

When you understand the ultimate contribution you’re making, tasks become less monotonous and you will likely become inspired to go the extra mile. In the receptionist’s case, she may be inspired to create a “make your own hot cocoa station” during the holiday season. Rather than serving beverages as a simple task, it can become an opportunity to unexpectedly elevate the client experience.

Connecting to the meaning behind what you do will empower you to see the bigger picture, step out of your bubble, and go after your goals!

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