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How to Compete with Online Retailers

November 12, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, customers still prefer brick and mortar stores to online shopping. Shopping in physical stores offers reassurance that online purchasing cannot. Especially when it comes to the holiday gift time crunch, customers actually want to see what they are buying, and not have to worry about shipping delays.

Salons are in a prime position to take advantage of these 3 retail perks:

Discovery of a solution, information, or service

Customers trust and seek knowledge and expertise above all. Your suggestions and reassurance is gold. You can translate this in the retail facet of your business by featuring key solutions to your clients’ needs in creative ways.

Yes, the waiting area and the reception desk are non-negotiable spaces to consider implementing retail. But you can also spark a conversation in the chair by featuring top picks chosen by the stylist. Each station can showcase holiday recommendations based on the stylist’s specific clientele.

Convenience, efficiency and proximity

Show your clients that they can easily take care of their holiday shopping at your salon. Make their experience easy and stress-free.

  • What’s in the box? The “silent seller” method is key. Signage is an easy way to introduce a solution or product knowledge. Another fun way is to showcase the product outside the box so clients can interact with them. Download our printable signage here: US & Canada.
  • Think “grab and go”. Set up a mini display by the register with some pre-wrapped gifting items.
  • Offer your clients the option to reserve product and gifts online (via email or social media) or over the phone.
  • Keep it shoppable. Make sure any festive decor does not prevent clients from accessing your displays and picking up product.

Instant gratification

Are you offering customers a chance to make impulse purchases immediately? Remember to merchandise the reception desk–it’s the first and last customer contact at every appointment. Visit any retailer and you will find the ever-present travel size items at the register.

Merchandising is all about storytelling, no matter how big or small your display. Some ideas for the reception area:

  • Stocking stuffers
  • On-the-go party prep
  • Host or teacher gift
  • Complete a gift bundle without breaking the bank

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