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Can You Compete?

April 11, 2017

We all know that today’s retail landscape is ever-changing. Consumers are more beauty obsessed than ever before and have access to everything hair and beauty. This has made competing for their retail dollars a real challenge!

So how can you entice your guests to purchase their beauty products from you?

Think about what entices you! What drives you to make an unplanned purchase? We often forget that we are all consumers, and making a purchase is simply an extension of the experience. A great way to remain competitive is to observe what successful retailers do and emulate them.

You see, retailing is a science. Where and how you display product is key.

Something that retailers do very well is using touch-points and feature tables to create a story or solution. Touch-points are areas in your business that offer the opportunity to make an impression, brand yourself, and send a message. They are designed to capture our attention or have us experience a product. This is the main reason we often leave the store with merchandise that we never planned to purchase…the retailer successfully enticed us!

Can you utilize these same techniques in the salon environment? Yes—and you should!

Take advantage of your salon real estate by creating touch-points or features that represent:

  • A collection
  • A theme
  • An idea
  • A solution

Did you know that 68% of purchases are made from merchandise displayed on feature tables versus merchandise displayed on walls? If you do not have a feature table in your salon, you cannot compete!

Remember, there are no chairs or couches featured in retail stores. Why? Because they want their customers to be engaged! They want their customers to purchase product, not seating! Make sure you’re featuring what you’re selling.

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