Team Spirit

Building Your Salon Community

January 30, 2018

Today’s generation of stylists and salon owners are facing a completely different level of competition.

As more and more stylists opt for rental, and with social media becoming the new way to engage with peers and customers, have we lost our sense of community?

Team building activities can often seem antiquated, but there is much to be said for in-person communication!
Yes, I mean actual face-to-face, listening and learning from each other!

No matter if you work in a commissioned salon or a suite environment, coming together is more important than ever.

A monthly meeting where challenges are discussed, solutions are found, and inspirations are shared is essential to growing and evolving.

Meaningful Meetings

The first step is setting a date on the calendar and making sure each team member can attend.

Next, commit to creating a positive environment where everyone has a voice and there is a clear topic to be discussed. Make these gatherings constructive, saving all “housekeeping” items for the end. The majority of your time together should be focused on inspirational topics, not on rules!

For your first meaningful meeting of the year, try this:

Ask the entire team 1 week before the meeting: What is your professional resolution for 2018?

At the meeting, have a flip-chart on hand. Go around the room sharing your resolutions and the reasoning behind them.

Let the group discuss and share their suggestions and thoughts. Assign someone to write “Inspirations” at the top of the flip-chart, followed by each person’s resolution.

Post the sheet in a shared, visible space as a daily reminder that you are all working together to achieve your goals.

Having thoughtful meetings throughout the year will make a huge impact in creating a true community within the salon.

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