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May 15, 2018

In our modern world of Instagram stars and YouTube sensations, branding is at the forefront of the conversation in the beauty industry. Identifying and embracing what your beauty brand is can be both empowering and rewarding.

Clientele and Location

Who is your fantasy salon guest? The guest you connect with the most? When defining our best audience, we should think about their lifestyle. Is she a polished, uptown professional who needs chic blowouts? Or is she an effortless bohemian in the hip, new neighborhood? Working in an environment that offers the experience your ideal guest needs will attract them to you. After you have your dream guest in your space, wow her with your service, and then ask for referrals. After all, a referral is the highest form of flattery (and a sure sign that you’re surpassing expectations).

Culture and Community

Every city has activities that contribute to its cultural identity; festivals, galas, sporting events, etc. Participating in these events can be a great opportunity for your brand. For example, a stylist in the south may want to celebrate and capitalize on pageant culture. This can be a valuable source of income all while helping build your reputation. Another method could be to take part in a cool subculture within a conservative city. This will help your brand stand out, as you’re providing a niche experience to a guest who likely hasn’t found a salon that meets their needs.

Consistency Online and In-Person

The most successful brands are those with consistency. Branding opportunities are waiting for you everywhere—on social media, in the salon, and in the community. Ensuring that a thoughtful image is being presented lends itself to reliability. If your brand is California Chic, focus your social posts around sun-kissed highlights. To match, your salon atmosphere should be relaxed. What you display online must always represent what you’re offering in-person. Clients who know what they’re getting into are more comfortable making the financial investment. Reliability is key.

Pay close attention to what your guests really want. Review your brand through their perspective. Challenging the way we think about ourselves and our brand can be an exciting adventure. Remember, magic happens outside of our comfort zone!

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