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August 26, 2020

Unplanned purchases are driven by offering the right product at the right time! Retail sales opportunities are created by smart retailers who know how to entice their customer base and local consumers.

You won’t make a spontaneous purchase if the store is out of your size, the model you want, or the product you are considering.

Yes, of course, more and more people are flocking online but one thing that Covid has taught us is that consumers want contact, a true retail experience and are VERY loyal to their local businesses.

One simple way that all successful retailers attract customers is by utilizing their store windows and large feature tables.

But why do some windows draw us in, make us stop, or transmit a strong urge to make a purchase? Often we were simply enticed by the “Triangle Strategy.”

The “triangle” strategy means you build a display with height and keep everything tight and full. This is the best way to grab the attention of your clients since the eye can only capture one collection or group at a time.

Try pulling your products off the shelves to create a focus, feature or story. These can be in the form of a collection, a new launch, seasonal promotions, giftables etc.

It’s essential to entice your guests and pedestrians with clear, targeted messaging. Believe it or not, you can influence what consumers will purchase—if you are strategic and create a clear message.

Once you’ve decided on what you want to feature and have built your “triangle” display, use these tips to further enhance and drive your message:

And never forget to always promote that you are a local business, appreciate their loyalty and that you are a proud part of the local community.

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