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Are You Driving or Surviving?

August 29, 2017

It’s Back to School and every retailer is taking full advantage of this opportunity to attract customers to their business. This is the perfect time to showcase your creativity, your commitment to the community, and to enhance the guest experience.

If you have yet to consider this opportunity, here are some easy ideas to help you engage your current and potential customers:

  • Promote in-salon specials for students in the month of September
  • Give certificates to clients with student-aged kids to redeem towards a service
  • Post 3 of your favorite Back to School looks on social media
  • Encourage your followers to “like” their favorite look to receive a complimentary mask service
  • Create gym or locker “survival kits” using travel sizes
  • If you have a loyalty program, double the earnings on a specific retail kit
  • Use your windows, tables, and register area to create features

Use a few tasteful props to bring your Back to School features to life. Even handing out apples from a basket at the register can bring a fun, local experience to your guests.

No matter which ideas you choose, the most important part is to get on board! Make sure you’re driving your business—not just surviving.

To help get you started, download this consumer-facing sign to use in your window or feature table.

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