Facebook…a Thing of the Past?

June 3, 2020

Some may argue that Facebook has been left behind in the dust of other platforms (looking at you, Instagram)! However, depending on your target audience, there IS still a place for Facebook in your social media lineup.

A good business Facebook page can allow you to reach large numbers of your audience, build brand loyalty, and drive traffic to your website… the benefits are endless!

So, what are the basic must-haves for your Facebook Business Page?

Engaging Visuals!

A good first impression is everything! One of the first things your client will see when they land on your page is your profile and cover photo. Use imagery that is high quality and appealing, but also cohesive and representative of your brand and business. Need some inspiration?

Tip: Optimize your images for a desktop and phone! Do a quick Google to find the best sizes.

Complete Information!

Make it easy for your client to find accurate information about your business.
Facebook allows you to add a lot about your salon! Think business hours, pricing, location, events, customer reviews, and a link to your website.
This may seem self-explanatory, but complete and accurate information will signal to your clients that you are professional and engaged.


Did you know that Facebook offers 7 pre-made call-to-action-buttons? Yes, 7! A “Book Now” or “Contact Us” button gives your clients a convenient, one-click way to follow through with making that appointment or reaching out to you!


It may be tempting to only post about your business and services, but variety is the spice of life! This is what keeps your audience engaged and coming back to your page for more.

A good tip to keep in the back of your mind is the 70-20-10 rule:

Facebook is a valuable tool for you and your business, so make sure that you are using everything it has to offer!

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