Team Spirit

Are You Working Towards the Same Goal?

October 11, 2016

MYTH: Salon staff can “read” their customers, as well as each guest’s level of satisfaction.

Every salon caters to a wide variety of guests, from age to income level, education to style. This is part of the business, but in a perfect world, we have an ideal client. Who is she? Without this information, you and your team cannot work towards the same goal: exceeding the expectations of your guests!

A common mistake salon owners and managers make is failing to market their salon to a target demographic. Understanding and identifying who you want to fill your chairs is essential to building a successful brand and creating a salon experience that will attract and retain the ideal client base. This client base is the root system of your business, and it will impact most decisions you make regarding your salon.

Have a flip chart ready and create an open-minded atmosphere with your team. Explain that everyone needs to have a clear understanding of the salon’s ideal client. Go through the series of questions listed below, giving the group time to share opinions and write down comments. The goal is to build a customer profile.

Give her a name: Barbara, for example. Then, make a list of the things, behaviors or situations that could bother Barbara. Go into detail and give an example to get your team started (e.g. stylists texting in their chairs).

After identifying common behaviors that happen frequently, commit to working together to eliminate them. Make a team effort to remind each other of the standards you are working towards, and build a successful salon that everyone is proud of!

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