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Am I Doing This Right?

August 19, 2020

As mentioned in previous posts, today more than ever having a quarterly communication plan is essential in marketing your business.

So….you have jumped on the bandwagon and you are now engaging your clients digitally through email and social channels.
But, is what you’re doing actually working?

Understanding the analytics of your online platforms is the first step in identifying how you can adapt or optimize them.

Just the word analytics can sound intimating and a bit SCARY.

But, the good news is, it just sounds complicated but actual “analytic features” were designed for the average non techy user!

Let’s take Instagram.

First things first, HOW can you access your Instagram analytics? Easy – through Instagram itself! A quick google search will walk you through the steps to finding analytics directly on the app!

The two key areas to focus on are:

Get to Know Your Audience


Maybe you have an idea of who you WANT to attract to your business, but is your content attracting them?
Analytics will give you a true snapshot of your followers age and gender !


Knowing when your audience is most active, will help guide when to post and reach the most followers.
Contrary to many “experts” there is no absolute best time to post, it all depends on your target audience and market.

Analyze Your Content


“Post and story reach“ shows the number of unique views your content attracted. This gives an idea of how many of your followers are seeing and absorbing your content (not just scrolling past it!)


Engagement will highlight which content is resonating the most with your audience! What are they liking? What are they sharing? What are they commenting on?
This will help to establish content patterns so you can adapt accordingly to drive engagement and your business goals!

Posting content takes time and energy!
Analytics MUST be part of your strategy to help to identify opportunities.

Once you have a better understanding of what, when and how to best engage with your clients, the more Instagram will become a true ally in competing in today’s market.

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