About Beautiful Business

The Moroccanoil story began when our co-founder, Carmen Tal, discovered an astonishing oil treatment while traveling in Israel. Inspired by the incredible results, Carmen set out to share this unique oil treatment and its benefits with women around the world. At the time, oil treatments were unconventional for hair, but Carmen was undeterred by this obstacle.

Since our launch in 2007, this one product has captivated stylists and consumers alike and has grown into a complete line of professional products available in over 60 countries. Moroccanoil is the quintessential success story of how there are no limits to what one dream, one vision and a lot of determination can accomplish.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team of professionals for your passion, support and dedication in educating your guests about our brand and products.

Beautiful Business was created with the goal of giving back to salons and their owners by providing tools to help build healthy, profitable and inspiring businesses.

We welcome your comments and ideas: beautifulbusiness@moroccanoil.com